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Articles of January, 2017 are as follows.

[cry "one character of dream" decision of the eighth Ashizuri!]

By Ashizuri hot spring meeting to become the eighth in this year [cry "one character of dream" of Ashizuri].


The "one character of dream" chosen to the seventh last year "sum"



From the southernmost Cape Ashizuri-misaki of Shikoku "let's hold Japan well";, in o concept, recruited from the end of last year,

Highest award and one character of this year to be were decided!


One which cried, and was chosen in "one character of dream" of the eighth Ashizuri


It is "ki"!

It is reason why we chose the name of prize winner and letter of "ki" as as follows.


The highest award: "ki" Takako Kawamura (Kochi City) 


Reason that was considered to be character of "ki:"

We were able to see brightness of "hope" in newspaper of New Year holidays from the sky of Kochi!

Well, we are really shining now. Many foreign tourists in beauty of Japanese nature

Is said to feel charm; nowadays.

Once upon a time teenage boy having gone from this remote no place to the United States,

We want present young person and children to know.

Importance of Manjiro Nakahama winning spotlight, and making an effort,

We want world people to know that effort that can glisten is not useless even if very poor.

Surely hope to be able to surely glisten……Surely we come.




It is very wonderful comment!

Really congratulations!


In addition, one character of "ki" chosen as the highest award is Cape Ashizuri The Statue of John Mung Maezono place on Sunday, February 5

Is written after commendation by held "sightseeing in camellia cape service to bloom" by Tosashimizu City high school calligraphy club, is the last day in February

It is displayed in made, doenji.


All of Tosashimizu City high school calligraphy club which had you write last year.



Five other excellences were chosen.
(we change to announcement with shipment of product)


For details, please see page of Ashizuri hot spring meeting.

[news from camellia of Cape Ashizuri]

In Tosashimizu, day when temperature is high continues again in here these days.


It is state of thicket camellia of Cape Ashizuri on Friday, January 27.

The camellia forest pathway which there is near Ashizuri Kongofukuji Temple opposite side.



It is camellia blooming as follows along the promenade.




Tree of camellia which produced a lot of buds was seen in many places!




Divergence to the John Mung Footbath area and the Kongofukuji Temple area of the promenade middle.







The Statue of John Mung Maezono place.

On Sunday, February 5, "camellia sightseeing in cape service to bloom" is held in this garden!

Camellia sightseeing in cape service to bloom 




Cape Ashizuri on fine day is the best!



Come to look at camellia blooming in Cape Ashizuri by all means!



Port of Ashizuri

Port of Wednesday, January 25 Ashizuri (water temperature 18 degrees)

Weather fine weather, north wind 5 meters


・Oplegnathus punctatus


・Gres 32cm - 39cm2 tail, Oplegnathus punctatus one

 It was sannoji two.

 Water temperature does not fall very much, too, and bait is left though it seems to be good

 It was severe fishing.


[♪ that we celebrated of the 190th anniversary of the John Mung birth]

John Mung is born this year; and concerning age of the 190th anniversary party of celebration,

We held on Sunday, January 22.


About notice of event, please see former blog article↓

News of memorial festival of the 190th anniversary of the John Mung birth





In the neighborhood of museum entrance with birthday message to John Mung "○○ as for me

We had you write words of determination that you did not give up to card.

In addition, whom does role of John Mung have good if TV saga of NHK is realized? As for the vote called this

We had you do.




Message card of everybody



In addition, we will accept vote of TV saga in John-mung Museum in future.


(^^)/ which is start of party than 10:00 a.m.

Led by everybody of chorus group "wild rose" of Tosashimizu, it is approximately 100 participants,

We sang "song of Happy birthday" "Susanna".




In addition, tour party of world one and JTB which visited Tosashimizu City from the day before yesterday

We had (approximately 20 people) participate in party!




Cake-limited 100 which meeting of welcome John-Mung prepared were distributed to everybody after this.




We had KUTV Kochi Television, Kochi TV, all of each station of NHK come for coverage on that day.




Thank you for participation all of you who had you cooperate!


On the day John-Mung strap which we distributed



[the 43rd Ashizuri camellia Festival camellia sightseeing in service to bloom] Time schedule was decided

"Ashizuri camellia festival" to tell the spring arrival to Cape Ashizuri.

We assume from February 1 to February 28 of time when thicket Tsubaki reaches in full bloom "Ashizuri camellia Festival",

We hold hospitality event on first Sunday of February.




"The 43rd Ashizuri camellia Festival camellia sightseeing in service to bloom" 


●Holding schedule●

 H29 age Sunday, February 5


●Holding place●

 The Cape Ashizuri tip (open space in front of the The Statue of John Mung)


●Held contents●

Stage by  9:45 - local idol SSD38

 10:00 - ceremony

        Cry "one character of dream" commendation ceremony, calligraphy (Ashizuri hot spring meeting) of the eighth Ashizuri

 11:00 - camellia young plant free of charge distribution (daily limited 200 people) 

 12:00 - behavior hotpot (200 meals of minced fish soup)



 Geopark booth

 Seven wonders guided tour (three times a day ① 11:00 ~② 12:00 ~③ 13:00 - experience for free)

 Ashizuri sightseeing sight-seeing (the third flight ① 11:00 ~② 12:00 ~③ 13:00 ... a day 

       Camellia Festival special price adult 2,000 yen, child 1,000 yen)


 The 15:00 end


It looks held last year as follows.

Local idol "SSD38" (Shimizu mackerel dancers)




Behavior of minced fish soup




Cry "one character of dream" of the eighth Ashizuri

We are raising "one character of dream" of this year now↓

We click Detail

After calligraphy by local Tosashimizu City high school calligraphy club, it is displayed in The Statue of John Mung Maezono place.



Young plant for free distribution of camellia by Tosashimizu City sightseeing campaign lady



 "Seven wonders guided tour" is volunteer at "seven wonders" to reach Cape Ashizuri spot

It turns around while receiving explanation of guide.

It is paid guided tour, but can usually experience free what on that day!




"Ashizuri sightseeing sight-seeing" can watch tourist attraction of Cape Ashizuri on fishing boat from the sea♪

Hold, and this is usually 2,000 yen in particular place of adult one person 2,500 yen on that day!



To Cape Ashizuri of the early spring, come to play by all means! (^^)/



Port of Ashizuri

At port of Wednesday, January 18 Ashizuri steam, and catch!

For water temperature drop, it is shibushibu

Stomach of Gres seems to be close in full laying eggs.


Mouth large "40.2cm"


Offing bora "60cm over"


・Catch (Gres 30-40.2cm, Thailand one, sannoji two

bora one, koppa three) photograph did not have, but were two Bali.

[1/22( day) John Mung birth 190 laps anniversary]

Great man, John Mung of native district is considered to be day when we were born on January 23, 1827 (January 1, 1827) in the Christian era.


※What way of thinking on birthday does not penetrate generally in the Edo era, and leave as record of social position such as some samurais

It was only high person.

 In addition, what thought that one got old at calendar year for New Year holidays was common as there was not so one thought to get old on birthday.


The Statue of John Mung which is made in Cape Ashizuri. 



2017 is age of the 190th anniversary of the John Mung birth  this year.

In thing called this, we hold festival in celebration of the birth of John Mung!




The date●

 From Sunday, January 22, 2017 10:00 a.m.

 ※Birth day is actually January 23, but holds on Sunday, January 22 on the day before as January 23 of this year is Monday.



 John-mung Museum

(if the weather is clear, do you perform party in John Mung boy group former open space?)



 ①We perform, John Mung 190-year-old birthday party!

 ★Please write birthday card to John Mung to participants.

 (determination of everybody,, with celebration message to John Mung, "I do not give up ○○!"

 ) that I would like words.

  In addition, we are going to display birthday card which had you write in John-mung Museum until birthday of the next year.


 ★Let's sing "song of Happy birthday" "song of ABC" "Susanna" with all the participants!

 ("song of ABC" was introduced in first Japanese English conversation guidebook "Britain and the United States talks shortcut" which John Mung wrote

As for  song, "Susanna," Manjiro who dug money with gold rush that happened in the American West Coast; sometimes

 It seems to be song which we sang.)


 ★We eat cake in participants, and let's celebrate! (100 cake-limited, first-come-first-served basis)


 ②We present John-Mung strap to one that entered John-mung Museum on, day

 We do! (100 limitation, first-come-first-served basis)


It is John-Mung strap. I broadcast cutely and hand!



③If if NHK TV saga of the John Mung leading role is realized as for doing as for,, as for the part of John Mung, who is good

 Do you think?

 You are good for the part of John Mung! Please vote for actor thinking of this!

(we take count for one year and announce on day of the 191st anniversary of the John Mung birth of the next year.)


 ※In 2012, the grounds related to John Mung of the whole country gather; and "John Mung NHK big river dramatization realization Kochi executive committee"

 But, it starts and develops signature activity in the city, the suburbs.


John Mung boy group at port of Ashizuri former open space.




Meeting telephone /0880-82-3231 (captain Whitfield tea room)  of welcome John-Mung

 Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association telephone /0880-82-3155

Port of Ashizuri

Fishing first to port of Ashizuri "caisson of hanare"

We took wife on Thursday, January 5.





Today's catch "four Gres, sannoji four, band three, koppa four"

We did in this.

[under recruitment of the twelfth Hana henro John Mung Walking in Cape Ashizuri participants! ]

Walking event "Hana henro John Mung Walking in Cape Ashizuri" which walks Ashizuri peninsula of the early spring to count the twelfth in this year.

It is recruiting participants very much now!





We walk Ashizuri peninsula of the early spring when thicket camellia blooms for two days.

(we OK participation only for 1st, also, on day before Friday, February 17 titled "with much effort walk" besides

There is course walking Tatsukushi and Minokoshi Coast.)


It is state of the eleventh holding of last year as follows.

We start from in front of Cape Ashizuri elementary school.




Was not blessed with weather very much last year, but is good this year; pray in clearing up!






The twelfth Hana henro John Mung Walking in Cape Ashizuri brochure is this↓↓




On the date

 H29 age Saturday, February 18, 19th Sunday

 ※On Friday, we hold "walk in Tatsukushi Sea Area Park with much effort" on 17th.

 ※It is Ryoma passport, Kochi house health passport participation event.


●Deadline for application●

 Participation, lunch to walking, the application for participant exchange meeting deadline are H29 age Friday, January 13

It becomes in this.

 Application after January 14 is possible, too, but, in that case, on the day entrance fees follow application.

 ※One that was applied for after January 14 to participation list cannot publish. In addition, in the case of a lot of participation,

I may not hand souvenir.


Application method

 ① In JTB China Shikoku Kochi branch office by FAX or mail

 ② Than JTB sports station



 Sponsorship Hana henro Ashizuri hot spring two days march executive committee

    〒787-0392 11-2, Tenjinmachi, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi

    (the meeting secretariat in Tosashimizu City sightseeing business and industry section)

    Tel: 0880-82-1212 FAX: 0880-82-1126

Association of  mutual aid (no company) Japan walking, association of Kochi walking


Contact information

Person in charge of sightseeing in  Tosashimizu City Hall sightseeing business and industry section telephone: 0880-82-1212



Course summary

 Friday, February 17 with much effort walk (Tatsukushi has left unseen geo-walk course)

          ①5km course (we leave at reception desk 14:00 at 13:30)


 Saturday, February 18 Ashizuri pilgrim course and the 38th Fudasho (sacred site for pilgrimage)

          ①6km course (we leave at reception desk start 10:00 at 9:30)

            ②17km course (we leave at reception desk start 10:00 at 9:30)

          ③30km course (we leave at reception desk start 9:00 at 8:20)


 Sunday, February 19 John-Mung Kuroshio Current road and Matsuo area, Usubae

          ①7, 5km course (we leave at reception desk start 8:00 at 7:30)

          ②15km course (we leave at reception desk start 8:00 at 7:30)

          ②22km course (we leave at reception desk start 8:00 at 7:30)


 Free bathing ticket of Ashizuri Onsenkyo that we can use as participant privilege on Sunday on Saturday, February 18, 19th

It sticks out and does!

 After saying on foot while seeing beautiful scenery of Ashizuri peninsula, and having broken a sweat, we use for hot spring slowly,

Please heal fatigue (^^)/

[news of "we talk about lecture Torishima of John Mung drifting"]


Uninhabited island, Torishima which 14-year-old John Mung and others were cast ashore in 1841, and survived 143 days (approximately five months).



Photograph is diorama of Torishima displaying in John-mung Museum.

The whole island is appointed to natural monument and is becoming place not to be able to go without permission now.


We actually visit Torishima, and lecture by explorer, writer Daisuke Takahashi who surveyed the field is held.




Central public hall culture course

Explorer, Daisuke Takahashi lecture

"We talk about Torishima of John Mung drifting"



 H29 afternoon of Saturday, January 28 a year from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m.

 ※No charge for admission


 The third floor of the Tosashimizu City central public hall multi-purpose hall


 High school student - public


 100 (application required)

●Inquiry, application●

 Tosashimizu City central public hall (Phone: 0880-82-0472)


We seem to listen to story about jinhachi of head flat Enshu of Tosa who drifted to Torishima in the Edo era of John Mung!

They survive to squid in severe environment and reached home plate miraculously or are very interesting contents!

To be able to apply toward the lot by all means; (^^)/

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