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Articles of June, 2017 are as follows.

"Jump ☆ tosatabi of Bibiru Oki & Akiko Matsumoto"

Hello! It is Tosashimizu spreading out of rainy-season sky.

Just did introduction of program broadcasted in 6/30 NHK the other day, but in end of this week 7/2 broadcast of program of BS-TBS

There is!


"Jump ☆ tosatabi of Bibiru Oki & Akiko Matsumoto

 Visiting ... Kochi, late Tokugawa period revolutions ~"

 ●On airdate ● H29 daytime of Sunday, July 2 a year from 12:00 to 12:54

 ●Broadcasting station ●  BS-TBS

 ●We are going to broadcast again ● We broadcast in - KUTV Kochi Television at 7:00 on the H29 night of Wednesday, July 19 a year



  Trip around Kochi where Bibiru Oki and Akiko Matsumoto swell by "late Tokugawa period revolution Expo." Of patriots of the late Tokugawa period when Tosa gave birth

 Charm and Nature activity,, besides, exquisite Kochi gourmet appear!


 Bibiru Oki of talent who is John Mung honor director by sightseeing in Kochi special envoy in other day (5/26),

We were able to come for shooting to John-mung Museum, Cape Ashizuri of Tosashimizu City.

Photograph introduces the state as follows.


We photograph in front of John-mung Museum and start.



Before 1F in John-mung Museum building, chronological table of John Mung.



 In front of 2F in hall, display case of "*tatsumikiryaku."



It is genuine doorknob of house where Manjiro lived in in the United States to take as bibirusanga way.

Manjiro might touch, too!



 Of time when this photograph stayed at bibirusanga "Ashizuri Pacific Hotel Hanatsubaki" on the day before shooting

It is off shot!




As for the detailed broadcast content, please see program HP↓↓

Program HP is this


All of you, please see by all means!


[hata trip sightseeing, product exhibition in Osaka Kaiyukan 2017]

In Osaka Kaiyukan, we perform sightseeing, product exhibition this year!



Fish such as Whale Shark displayed in Kaiyukan are captured in Tosashimizu City, "Osaka Kaiyukan sea life research institute

(^^) where there is close connection because we are transported via facility called Iburi Centre by Kaiyukan


"hata trip sightseeing, product exhibition in Osaka Kaiyukan 2017"

●Date ● H29 age Saturday, July 8, 9th Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00

●Place ● Osaka Kaiyukan event open space


From Hata area of West Kochi, Tosashimizu City, Otsuki Town, Mihara Village, Hata Wide Area Sightseeing Conference sell special product PR, special product,

We hold sightseeing PR!

There are dance having thick good point, stage show by "Tosa hospitality Kaientai", costume PR.

Tosashimizu City princess bonito (half-dried bonito gas flushing rains off and on, and boil), Souda Bushi (for thickness cut, thin cut, swing),

"It is sect field, and, "Souda Bushi which soup stock is over well," Okaki" is going to sell tomato!


It is state at the time of holding last year as follows.




Special product, Souda Bushi of Tosashimizu City.




Sampling PR of Souda Bushi.




Full Thika tomato of Ueno.







There is mini-experience corner, too!







PR character, hatappimo of Hata area comes up!



We live in Kansai area, and state that is chisel come to play by all means in Osaka Kaiyukan! (^^)/


[open up new age in ... adverse circumstances for power John Mann spirit ...]

It is the latter half in June and is Tosashimizu where at last weather like the rainy season came to lead to!

It is news of TV show today!



Great man special of Tosa

"Open up new age John Mann spirit ~ for power in ... adverse circumstances"

The broadcast date and time: H29 age Friday, June 30 from 19:30 to 20:13

Broadcasting station :NHK synthesis TV

Broadcast range: Four prefectures of Shikoku

Great man, John Mung which Shikoku, Kochi laid.
We struggled to lead Japan to the foundation of a country in the times of the late Tokugawa period to be full of confusion.
We go over to the United States after we experienced drifting at 14 years old and it absorbs the Western latest knowledge and returns home.

Experience and will were inherited later by patriot of the late Tokugawa period including Ryoma Sakamoto and became driving force to greatly change country.
We always press "John Mann spirit" that supported Manjiro who advanced, the activity through various adverse circumstances.


Navigator is John-mung Museum honor director with great John Mung fan,

Bibiru Oki of talent.

In (5/19), we were able to come to Tosashimizu for shooting last month.

Photograph introduces the state.


It is left on fishing boat taxi from port of Ashizuri to birth place of John Mung, Nakahama.




It is come to Nakahama fishing port.





Mayor guided Nakahama of Nakahama district participated in shooting.




In front of "zoseigoichu*manjirookinenhi" in hill.




At the beach where Manjiro played in a childhood.





We accepted taking a ceremonial photograph with the Tourism association staff.





Live in Shikoku, and drink, and do not do, please see broadcast by all means!


[Sakurahama Beach sea difference 2017]

Tosashimizu City only designated beach, Sakurahama Beach in Tatsukushi.

We perform sea difference this year on Sunday, July 2!

We break beach Flag and watermelon, and teppanibento of the summer sea including tug of war is varied!

Host is combination of great properly Yasu of Tosashimizu City native place from Saitama, two rice.

We have you cross in three one team men, woman two and on the day accept tug of war.

To sightseeing in Tatsukushi promotion meeting (TEL: 0880-85-0137), please about event in detail.



Port of Ashizuri

We went to port of Ashizuri for fishing on Thursday, May 31.

Though there are a series of big hits in morning, barashi of deep regret!

We go wrong, and, until 12:00, one of them, sannoji one, globefish 2 have a hard fight.

Three times of hits that it is the afternoon, and pole begins to turn, and to never stop!

What shall we do?

We can catch if we can endure to be hot!






・Five Gres, leopard die one, hibudai one

Pole turned at other kitsu, sannoji, globefish well.

Gres fish in the bottom of the sea Ashizuri, Isa, Tatsukushi surf-fishing information (catch information) Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi

"Tatsukushi, we have left unseen neighboring (catch) information"

 Thursday, June 1
Fish in the bottom of the sea moyattokosa came to seem to be good, parrot bass appeared (^-^)/
As for going wrong, condition was good following yesterday, isagi should appear soon, but f^_^;

 ... reporting: Nishimoto ferryboat for anglers ...


"Cape Ashizuri (Isa) outskirts fishing (catch) information"

 Thursday, June 1

 Parrot fish    57cm       One piece

 [west bae]

 Gres 30-38cm    16 pieces

 Thursday, May 30

 Parrot fish    47cm       One piece


 Gres 30-38cm    17 pieces


 ... reporting: Okano ferryboat for anglers ...

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