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Articles of September, 2017 are as follows.

[the eleventh Ashizuri Kirari(Lighting Event in Cape Ashizuri) & photo contest]

We color Cape Ashizuri tip garden (in front of John-Mung bronze statue) and Kongofukuji Temple in bamboo garden lantern and candle this year.

Please enjoy fantastic atmosphere.

"Dusk The Seven Wonders of Cape Ashizuri Tour" is going to hold "star watching" during period.



The eleventh Ashizuri Kirari(Lighting Event in Cape Ashizuri)

[on the date] Saturday, October 7, 2017, 8th Sunday

      ※We carry out in case of rain on spare day (Monday, October 9)

      [lighting] Until sunset - about 21:00

      [lighting period] Until from Saturday, October 7 to Sunday, November 5


[holding place] Cape Ashizuri tip garden, Kongofukuji Temple


[adviser] Light studio chick Yasujiro Tokunaga


[parking lot] 30 Cape Ashizuri tip, first parking lot (in front of Cape Ashizuri bus center) 150


[reference] Person in charge of sightseeing in Tosashimizu City Hall sightseeing business and industry section (0880-82-1212)


[event contents]

<< Saturday, October 7 >>

Drum performance by  opening event 16:00 - Cape Ashizuri small

<< Sunday, October 8 >>

Performance of  opening event 16:00 - local idol SSD38

<< 7th, both 8th days >>

 Branch by 16:00 - Cape Ashizuri woman part, Matsuo area woman part

 17:00 - seven wonders guided tour

  20:30 - star watching


State of Kongofukuji Temple of last year.



[the first Ashizuri Kirari(Lighting Event in Cape Ashizuri) photo contest]

[offer period] From Saturday, October 7, 2017 to Friday, November 10

[offer work] Photograph which display work of "the eleventh Ashizuri Kirari(Lighting Event in Cape Ashizuri)" appears in

[each prize] One point of highest award

(supplementary prize: for Tosashimizu City specialties approximately 10,000 yen + Ashizuri hot spring pair accommodation coupon)

We present eight points of election       including others award for excellence, Tosashimizu City specialties as supplementary prize.


About photocontest application, please see this in detail↓

Photocontest application is detailed



[held "cheerful festival of John-Mung autumn"!]

Under the influence of typhoon 18, held plan was only Monday at first on 18th for 9/17, two days on 18th

"Cheerful festival of John-Mung autumn."


John Mung boy image at port of Ashizuri.




On 18th, it became typhoon pass, comfortable fine autumn weather.




It is all of Ashizuri drums to have had you give glory to opening of stage show.




Much-talked-about comedy duo "warming sake dragon" that host plays an active part based in Kochi.




Everybody of hula "ruana and pleasant friends."






Comfortableness was so even if we took "toe Inge tube" of sea circle!




It is home team "Hata court dancer", good "we are anything" dark clapper dance successively.

"We are, and photograph is anything".



Dance harmonious with flag which had thick clothes and good point shined well in the sky in refreshing autumn!




Corner of "John-Mung gold rush."

From episode that participated in gold rush because John Mung earned returning home fund from the United States,

Local company "welcome John-Mung Company" was planned.



We shake sand with exclusive colander before time limit and save glass marble from mountain of sand which a lot of golden glass marbles entered,

It is victory of person who was able to scoop most glass marbles!



Part of adult. As the first prize is prize money 20,000 yen, everybody is serious! (laugh)



Part of child.




It is stage by all of suridodansukurabu successively.







In the latter half two rice, warming sake dragon, Hirofumi Tsutsui, live house "Jackson bar" of Kochi of jaguar Kawamura

"Comedy live" and "the mimicry top ten" by everybody playing an active part in this (honorific title abbreviation).

As for the photograph, two rice, the middle are jaguar Kawamura two people of right and left.



Song by Hirofumi Tsutsui of singer-songwriter.



"The mimicry top ten"



Mimicry fool (laugh)



Director Doi of Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association participates, too! (laugh)



It was very luxurious stage so as to think that we wanted you to see toward the lot more!



Everybody who came to play for "cheerful festival of John-Mung autumn", thank you!

People concerned thank you!







[about business of 9/17 Sunday John-mung Museum]


[Sunday, September 17]

Besides Ashizuri Sea Station is inner with approach of typhoon 18

●John-mung Museum

●Restaurant, souvenir "captain Whitfield tea room"

We work as sales people of this with (12:00 p.m.) until noon.


Thank you for your understanding.

[cheerful festival of John-Mung autumn]

It is "cheerful festival of John-Mung autumn" that we told about from the other day,

With course prediction of typhoon 18, we should cancel on Sunday on 17th.

We are going to carry out contents on partial change on Monday on 18th.

It is event contents after rescheduling as follows.


Cheerful festival of John-Mung autumn

[the date and time] H29 age Monday, September 18

[place] Port of Ashizuri (John-mung Museum side quay)
 ※Please note that you are called off in the case of stormy weather.



[time schedule]

  9:00    Start↓↓

     ○Camp ground product sales

     ○Fishing boat taxi (adult 2,000 yen, under primary school children 1,000 yen)

     ○Sea kayaking, banana boat (one 1,000 yen)

     ○Rent-a-bicycle (daily 1,000 yen, e-bike daily 2,000 yen)

  9:30 Ashizuri drum

   10:00 hula (ruana and delightful friends)

   Dance (Hata court dancer) that has thick 10:45 good point

Dance (we are and criticize) that has thick    11:00 good point

 11:30 John-Mung gold rush (part of part, adult of child)

 12:00 suridodansukurabu

 13:00 John-Mung comedy live (two rice, warming sake dragon, Hirofumi Tsutsui, jaguar Kawamura)

 14:00 John-Mung gold rush (part of part, adult of child)

 14:30 SSD38 mini-live

 15:00 John-Mung comedy live (mimicry best 10)

The  16:00 end

   ※Please note that you may change event contents.


With "John-Mung gold rush"…

 We decide order by stake which is exclusive colander with golden glass marble which we liken to gold dust and spread all, weight of glass marble.

 There is part of part, adult of child in the afternoon the morning. ※It is each two parts one set, first arrival 15 sets.

There are prize money 20,000 yen, other second place, third place, prize for participations in the part first place  of adult.

   As for the part first place of child, it is set John-Mung karuta, John Mung picture book, book card. There are other second place, third place, prize for participations. 


※We hold "beach ship at anchor fishing experience"!

We enjoy fishing on a boat off departure, birth place of John Mung, Nakahama on fishing boat from port of Ashizuri.

  The departure time: 10:00, 12:00, 14:00

 Capacity: Five people

 The time required: Two hours

 Rate: (special price) 3,000 yen

(it includes one set such as adult, child one law pole, bait, tool)

  ※You can take fish which you caught home with you. (it includes ice, Styrofoam)


Sponsorship: Nagisa, Tosashimizu stay promotion meeting




John-Mung gold rush (photograph is image.)




Fishing boat taxi navigates from port of Ashizuri to birth place of John Mung, Nakahama.



Sea kayaking



 Stage by local idol SSD38.



Dance that team is, and they have thick any good point. 



Comedy live. Photograph is two rice.



Come to play to Tosashimizu City by all means; (^^)/

Port of Ashizuri

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

At port of Ashizuri, barracuda becomes fish bites on and on.


・We make a long cast and aim at barracuda inwardly from corner!


・Make a long cast to the offing, and by basket fishing suma mejikano new child

 We hit soon.

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