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Articles of November, 2017 are as follows.

Fishing of Tatsukushi


Fishing rerashimashitayo!

We go wrong, and fishing Derby entry is all right.

[the 34th Tosashimizu City Tosashimizu City Industrial Festival]

Winter common usage, Tosashimizu City Industrial Festival are held this year!

To thing that the neighborhood municipalities are delicious let alone delicious thing of Tosashimizu and handmade work, fruit tree, young plant, knife,

Attractive namongaippaiarude - (*^_^*)





For more details, please see this page↓

Tosashimizu City Hall homepage

Family, friend come by all means with your friends! (^^)/



We are loaning in six places in Tosashimizu City!



It is navigating from port of Ashizuri to birth place of John Mung, Nakahama!

Fishing boat taxi


We eat in Tosashimizu City and play and enjoy and we collect stamps and get premium!

Ashizuri, Tatsukushi whole stamp rally




[①~ road station mejikano village ... around "Souda Bushi road"]

"Souda Bushi road" which started this year from 11/1 stamp rally.


Menu which 21 stores providing menu using Souda Bushi in Tosashimizu City participate, and is targeted for stamp rally

We have you push stamp when we order.


You should memorialize (?) As the first store eyes, visit dining room "sect Taya" in "road station mejikano village" to yesterday's lunch

We came!




Tosa food is run, and "road station mejikano village" has abundant Souda Bushi-related products.

Even dining room "sect Taya" can eat Udon or ramen which took soup stock in Souda Bushi.



 We ordered "curry Udon to be sect field, and to beat" which was menu targeted for "Souda Bushi road" stamp rally this time.

Curry Udon 730 yen to be sect field, and to overcome


 Curry seemed to be superior to Souda Bushi when we said frankly, but was good menu in cold winter when thick curry warmed from core of body in connection with Udon well! With (^^) heat and hotness, body becomes warm. We do not see in photograph, but cutlet appears well, too (^^)


We get the stamp first!




As for, is it not begun stamp rally by all means from now on as it wants to circulate through "Souda Bushi lord" as much as possible either? (^^) stamp rally mount is installed in each participation stores.


About "Souda Bushi road," please see this page in detail↓


In addition, "road station mejikano village" is facility targeted for "Ashizuri, whole stamp rally"!

Ashizuri, Tatsukushi whole stamp rally


Furthermore, it is recommended to road station mejikano village to go in rent-a-bicycle!



[held tototaberone Tosashimizu!]

On Saturday, November 11, 2017, "tototaberone Tosashimizu" was held in Ashizuri Sea Station.20171112113333.32.19.jpg


 (^^) which thinks that many people came without cease all the time from morning and invited the climax in particular on stage of jaababonzu of the finale of stage event

As it was Souda Bushi and gave life to experience made with soy sauce yesterday, and there were many participation type events that we seized and experienced of mackerel let alone stage event, there seemed to be many customers of families, too.

Photograph introduces the state. (unfortunately, by setting error of camera, it does not come out neatly…. I'm sorry.)


Host of stage event is two people of two rice.20171112113904.JPG


At first stage event is all of Ashizuri drums 10:00 start first.20171112113905.JPG


Hula "ruana and delightful friends"20171112114327.JPG


Branch supplier of venue introduces partly, too.

Everybody of "Shimokawaguchi house" gave many branches to this time from Shimokawaguchi, Tosashimizu-shi district!20171112114328.JPG



Is familiar, takoyaki "university"20171112114940.JPG


"Tsunoda" of onigiri20171112115205.JPG



"Sea circle"20171112115206.JPG


From experience-based corner "tsukurone" "experience made with soup stock soy sauce using Souda Bushi."20171112115600.JPG


From "tsukamone" "give life catch take experience of mackerel."20171112115601.JPG


From "egakone" workshop representing the sea of Tosashimizu by illustrator nonakahirajunkosanto children.20171112115657.JPG


As for "the fish itinerant trade experience," fish that box was the end was popular at special price under two rice of host and the funny auction talk of Director Doi of Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association.20171112120840.JPG



Of Iseebi lobster stew by Tosashimizu City fishermen's cooperative association woman part from 12:00 is long to behave; was able to stand in line!20171112120122.JPG




As for "the Katsuo Tataki demonstration tasting party from 14:00," a large number of people gathered for state that Takizawa handled bonito of Kubotsu Fishery Cooperative Union and the later behavior. 20171112131307.JPG






Clapper dance team "we are nothing" which has thicker stage event good point.20171112131411.JPG


Comedy mimicry best 10.20171112131537.JPG




Finally, we complete on stage of "Jaa BourBonz" (jaababonzu)!20171112131641.JPG




Branch suppliers and people concerned thank you! Thanks to all of you who had you cooperate, we were able to finish safely.

We would like next year as "tototaberone Tosashimizu" is going to continue!











[Souda Bushi road stamp rally]

 "Souda Bushi road" which Tosashimizu junior chamber of commerce began in last year powers up more,

Stamp rally began!




 Participation stores increase in 21 stores from 11 stores, and menus which can feel charm of Souda Bushi more increase!
Let alone Udon, it is only curious menu to pasta and fried somen, ramen.




Period of "Souda Bushi road stamp rally" until H29 11 a year one day a month - H30 ten a year 31 days a month.

Brochure "performs roll call" of each participation store, road station in Kochi, antenna shop of Kochi City

We enter nadode hand.



 When eat target menu at participation store, have push one stamp, tote bag original as for the achievement of ten points,

The storewide achievement gets tote bag + original T-shirt.

Please rotate if you come to Tosashimizu while enjoying "Souda Bushi road"!

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