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Articles on January 01, 2018 are as follows.

[under "one character of dream" of this year offer! ]

Ashizuri hot spring meeting "raises cry "one character of dream" of Ashizuri this year!



At "part of "Ashizuri camellia Festival" that we cried, and "one character of dream" was performed in Cape Ashizuri every year in February of Ashizuri, it began in 2010.

Recruit one character where loaded with hope and wish that one year wants to be year that is ○○ from the public this year, so far

"ki" "direct" "susumi" "sho" "wish" "sum" "to run" "ki"

But, it is chosen.


Photograph was chosen in 2015; "run"; state of no calligraphy.



 "One character of dream" of this year chosen in the highest award is held in Cape Ashizuri on Sunday, February 4

In which was written by "the 44th Ashizuri camellia Festival camellia service sightseeing to bloom", and was applied for with top flight work more,

Pair accommodation coupon of trip ticket and Ashizuri hot spring meeting member facility for 100,000 yen is presented!

(pair accommodation coupon is presented to award for excellence five people).



"The sum" that photograph was chosen in 2016.



The  deadline Monday, January 15 (effective postmark).

We specify one character and reason, address, full name, age, occupation, contact information that we chose as postcard,

Please send until "〒 787-0315 482-1, Ashizurimisaki, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi Ashizuri hot spring meeting".

(we get 20% discount ticket which is usable at the meeting participation accommodations when we apply with return card.)


 Result is announced on homepage of Ashizuri hot spring meeting on Monday, January 22.

We would like inquiry until the meeting (Phone: 0880-88-0988).



Commendation ceremony of "ki" where photograph was chosen last year.



 Please apply in "one character of dream" with all wish of each all of you! (^^) 

(please be careful not to repeat with highest award prize winner!) .

[A Happy New Year]



In 2018 A Happy New Year!

New age takes to all of you, and become splendid one year with much good luck.

I would like Tosashimizu City and Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association in this year! (*^_^*)


We went out with camera triumphantly this year in order to expect the first sunrise of a new year from Kubotsu…




Cloud hangs over the horizon thick, and, looking for good place of view, we perform the outskirts, and even a little was coming…



We have missed moment when day rose…(^_^;)


It is photograph which we took from port of Tosashimizu City after day rose.



Please spend New Year holidays that are good, everybody! (*^_^*)




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