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Articles of June, 2018 are as follows.

[we hold on Saturday, August 4! "The 57th citizen festival Ashizuri Festival"]

Day, it which people gather for in Tosashimizu City most in one year are night of Ashizuri festival!



It is held on the 57th citizen festival Ashizuri Festival Saturday, August 4!


Fireworks are 10, 000 hatsuetsu edesu this year!


Fireworks display is only to be expected, but looks forward to daytime Ashizuri dance, too♪


We would like inquiry about "citizen festival Ashizuri Festival" to Ashizuri Festival executive committee.

(Phone: 0880-82-5547)

The 57th citizen festival Ashizuri Festival HP


[it starts from Monday, July 2! "Swimming with Whale Shark"]

From Tosashimizu where weather of the hot and humid rainy season leads to, we send topic like summer earlier!

Swimming with Whale Shark of 2018 becomes start from Monday, July 2.



"Swimming with Whale Shark" is Whale Shark bred with exclusive fish preserve which we installed in approximately 300 meters of offings of ifurijiku and snorkeling or experience to swim in scuba diving together.

Whale Shark seemed to enter fixed shore net this year.




It becomes wonderful memory to be able to swim with Whale Shark!


As for the in detail reservation about "Swimming with Whale Shark", please see page of the following Tosashimizu City Hall↓

About Swimming with Whale Shark


 In addition, is "hands-on sightseeing" of Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association page, Swimming with Whale Shark of "Ashizuri diving center"

We introduce. Look at this↓

Swimming with Whale Shark (Ashizuri diving center)



Fishing of Tatsukushi

June begins and can catch in various ways at break of the rainy season!



[Tatsukushi Sakurahama Beach sea biraki]

Passing of the rainy season of Okinawa region was announced yesterday (6/23), but as for the passing of the rainy season of the Shikoku district,

hyottoshitaramousugukamoshiremasenne ‥!

In Sakurahama Beach of Tosashimizu City only designated beach Tatsukushi, it is held sea birakiga this year!




[the date] : H30 age Sunday, July 1

  9:00 - security Rogation Days

 10:00 - two rice and comedy warm-up

 10:30 - tug of war qualifier

 11:30 - beach Flag

 Constant seller of 12:30 - summer! We break watermelon

 13:30 - tug of war final

 14:10 - two rice laugh-in

 14:30 - fun treasure hunt


 Two people of two rice familiar as for the host of event in "tele tchinotamago."

 Tug of war (three one team men, woman two), other events are all acceptance on the day, too!


 We would like inquiry to sightseeing in Tatsukushi promotion meeting (TEL: 0880-85-0137).


 Adult can enjoy child, too! Sakurahama Beach sea birakini come to play by all means; (^^)/

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