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[Ashizuri, Tatsukushi whole stamp rally]

GW was over, but we may say "will country Kochi late Tokugawa period revolution Expo" now being held this year and visit Tosashimizu City

Tourists thinks that it is more a lot than average year, too.


In Tosashimizu City, we are holding "Ashizuri, Tatsukushi whole stamp rally".

Ta-da! Stamp rally mount (table).



In facility targeted for stamp rally in Tosashimizu City <eating and drinking> <product sales> of <experience, accommodation, event participation>

We present luxurious prize to one where quota collected stamps of 3 genres!


Eating and drinking → It is one stamp about one time of eating and drinking

Product sales → It is one stamp about one time of shopping

Experience, accommodation, event → Accommodation: Two stamps, experience-based menu, event participation: One each stamp


In the stamp rally participation facility, please see the following↓

Ashizuri, Tatsukushi whole stamp rally special page


Stamp rally mount (the back).



Luxurious prize is this↓↓

eine prize → Original goods

Whole prize → Special product 3,000 yen equivalency

Prize that is state → Special product 7,000 yen equivalency


Furthermore, it is W chance!

Is lottery from one applied for in prize that is state; to five people,

We give hotel pair accommodation coupon (with half board) in Tosashimizu City!


[application method]

After filling out matter necessary for stamp rally mount which you stamped with stamp, bring to either following facility.

Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association is addressed, and, in the case of mail, please send.

※Other than "eine prize," it becomes future shipment with each prize.

※It is only 1 course to be able to apply with 1 sheet.

(e.g., on one seat "eine Prize" and "entirely prize" neither we cannot apply.)


Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association 〒 787-0337 303, Yorou, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi 

                             TEL/0880-82-3155 (business hours) from 8:30 to 17:00

Ashizuri Kuroshio Marketplace 〒 787-0320 932-5, Shimizu, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi 

                             TEL/0880-83-0151 (business hours) from 8:00 to 16:30

Restaurant & Souvenir Shop Rest Tatsukushi 〒 787-0450 4124-1, Misaki, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi 

                             TEL/0880-85-0201 (business hours) from 9:00 to 17:00


※The application reception desk deadline is Monday, December 31, 2018! (effective postmark on that day)


 In addition, this "Ashizuri, Tatsukushi whole stamp rally" mount becomes tourist brochure,

Nakahama who is Cape Ashizuri and Tatsukushi, birth place of John Mung car and rent-a-bicycle, fishing boat taxi

Model course to use, and to make a round trip of is introduced.


Stamp rally mount (middle aspect).







In addition, stamp rally mount in Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association (Ashizuri Sea Station) others, each participation facility

We install.

In "Ashizuri, Tatsukushi whole stamp rally," please enjoy trip to Tosashimizu more!



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