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[wisteria gatodoro]

Hello! It is Inotani of Tosashimizu-City Tourist Association.

Does everybody know folktale "wisteria gatodoro" handed down to Tosashimizu City?



It is contents of folktale as follows.


Daughter called "wisteria" lived in the depths of Ueno, the upper reaches of gain Nogawa in old days.

It was everyday work that wisteria did shuban of German millet field which father had.

Wisteria swam in deep water nearby between shuban and spent combing hair.


One day when one not crowded hair of wisteria fell on the water, white snake appeared and we added hair which fell and went.

When wisteria already dropped one hair for trial, snake appeared again and we added hair and went.

As for the wisteria, it was interesting and spent time on seeing snake taking when we dropped hair many times.


As wisteria did not come back even if it was the evening in house of wisteria, father whom we worried about came to deep water looking for wisteria.

Then we always made a sound if how about water of quiet deep water how and swirled.

There was not figure of wisteria, but comb of wisteria fell near deep water.

Father searched for wisteria, but we entered mountain day after day and continued looking for wisteria without being found and have been missing at last.



It is contents called this. (content is slightly different, and there seem to be various opinions.)


We went to "wisteria gatodoro" which caused this story!


There is area called "gain field" when we go ahead through Route 321 from Tosashimizu city area to the Tatsukushi area for approximately ten minutes.

We turn right at a certain signal alone along the national highway in gain field and advance to the "Ueno" area.

When we pass Ueno village and advance a little, we arrive at signboard of mark called "wisteria gatodoro" from place of signal like point in approximately ten minutes.




When signboard enters by made course, red torii is seen immediately.



We leave car on side and pass through torii and, from here, go down steep mountain path.




Torii has very bad foot from here so that there are instructions aside.

As snake may appear, we recommend that we go with boots if possible!


We asked story, but are tight mountain path than we imagined! It is really mountain path!

As he/she completes rope from tree to tree, we catch this well and get off.





It is roaring and, for going down steep mountain path about ten minutes, arrives at "wisteria gatodoro" which sound to say does!



It is waterfall while putting up intense spray, and water flowing from the upper reaches falls into the basin of a waterfall.



Even if it does not rain as for the water here so much, it does not seem to die.


When day when it does not rain continues, manners and customs that the Mayor of Tosashimizu visits praying for rain seem to still continue.


On the opposite bank of flowing water, there is small shrine.

Fuji seems to be worshiped here.



Although we were relieved while fully taking anion,



Trial to climb steep mountain path is waiting on the way home.



We think that we are slightly severe on one that is lack of exercise like me.




There is precaution on going to "wisteria gatodoro"!

※Please go out with shoes comfortable to walk in by all means.

We recommend that he/she goes with boots if possible (snake may appear).

※Rope is put between trees, but please never go alone as you are dangerous.

You have you look after the precaution mentioned above, and please go to "wisteria gatodoro" when you have time!

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