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[we decided "one character of dream" of this year! ]

Ashizuri hot spring meeting invited public participation for the public from sponsorship, the end of last year,

Cry "one character of dream" of the ninth Ashizuri

"One character of dream" of 2018 was decided!




The highest award : "Yaku"


Applicant name : Toshio Takatsuki (Osaka-shi)


Reason why applicant chose character of "Yaku" as :

 "Yaku" expresses state full of life including leap and pulse and progress.

 Sunlight glitters in forest of camellia in spring, and Cape Ashizuri is excited, and wind and wave jump in the summer.

 With tree of cape, it is high high waves again in the sea, and natural phenomenon called typhoon sometimes jumps.

 Life of people in rich four seasons, nature setting up root well, and being also energetic

We think if possible.

 We wish that there wants to be so me.




 Character of "Yaku" chosen in "one character of dream" of this year on Sunday, February 4 in The Statue of John Mung garden of Cape Ashizuri

It is displayed after calligraphy by held "service sightseeing that the 44th Ashizuri camellia Festival camellia blooms" in the garden until the end of February.

The 44th Ashizuri camellia Festival



In addition, five people were chosen as award for excellence.

Won all of you, congratulations!


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